Worship and Prayer

Prayer List 
Anyone wishing to have someone on the prayer list may call the church office at 994-2029 or Submit a form. 
The person’s name will be left on for one month, unless the office is notified. 

Give grace O Lord to our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer physically and emotionally that they may be healed. Grant them trust and love that their prayers may be answered, and they may be relieved from their suffering. Amen

Abagail, Alethia, Tony Andres, Barbara, Kevin Bogia, Connie Brown, Dahlia, Doris and Charles Brown, Leland Brown, Jr., Pauline Brunk, Eleanor Buchanan, Adrienne Bush, Eliott James Butler, Wanda Cannatelli, Timmy Carlin, Caroleen, Bill Cole, Conway Family, Phyllis Crabtree, Dahlia Day, Rose DelliGatti, DeRose Family, Henry Diaz, Drew, Eli, Janice Fischbach, George Fischbach, John and Harriet Flynn,  Joan Frati, Geist Family, Doris Gore, Mary Grehofsky, Clifford Gropp, Doug Gropp, Loraine Gropp, Nancy Hitch, Nancy Hoffman, Jenna, Jennifer, Kayelyn, Kathy, Melvin Kessler, Susan Kriznuski, Dean Anthony Kutz, Lukas Husters Lennon, Dana Lenzoni, Josh Luckey,  Judy Luckey, Cindy Mahoney, Christian Malmgren, Marie Marcinkowski, Martinez Family, Chris Massaglia, Jerry Morehead, Fran Okoniewski, Pat Okoniewski, Paula Orty, Andy Purdy, Reese, Linda Reilly,  Aaron Richers, Roy, Daniel Sanchez, Carmen Scott, Thelma Searles, Gene Shinaberry, LeeAnn Shinaberry,  John Skrobot, Earlene Smith, Steve, Temme Family, Lorayne Titter, Brenda Tunis, Mary Wade, Cele Whalen, William Wheatley

For those serving our country:

James Bush - U.S. Marine Corps.

Brad Pastore - National Guard

Christina Pastore - National Guard